The Services we Provide…

Perfect paintworkAt Millfield Automotive we work on vehicles of very make and model including private cars, MPVs, Prestige Marques and commercial vehicles and our services are used by a wide range of customers. Whatever vehicle you own, we understand that you’ll want it to look its best and these means faultless quality paintwork. From small family hatchbacks to people carriers and prestige super cars to vintage restoration project, the quality of our work speaks for itself in every project we undertake. Our services include..

Crash Repairs – Collision damage can be quite severe even at low speeds and many modern cars have crumple zones that are designed to lessen the impact. At Millfield Automotive we specialise in repairing all types of bodywork that has been subjected to accidental damage which can vary from replacing multiple panels to panel beating, filling and painting. Contact us today for all car bodywork repairs and paintwork repairs.

Dent Removal – If your car has suffered a minor knock and has an annoying dent that you want repaired, speak to us at Millfield Automotive. We can repair almost any damage and return your car to pristine condition…we’ll even analyse the paint colour to ensure the match is perfect. Alternative, in some case dents can treated with a ‘paint-less’ solution where the affected panel is manipulated back into shape. Ask us for more details…

Paintwork – Many of our customers use our specialist paint shop services for complete vehicle re-sprays or where panels have been damaged and need to re-painted. We have worked on restoration projects, kit cars, panel matching and painting, complete re-sprays where a change of colour is required and vehicle graphics.

Stone Chip Repair – Throughout its life, your car will suffer minor damage from stones and general debris that create chips and abrasions to the bodywork. We can remedy this and return your car back to its former glory by sanding away the damaged paintwork and re-spraying the panel. Our specialist technology ensures we can match the existing colour perfectly, ensuring a perfect finish.

Specialist Services – For more diverse and out of the ordinary bodywork and paint projects contact us at Milfield Automotive. Recent work we have undertaken includes work on kit cars, high performance and prestige marques, modified vehicles and high spec models. We’ve provided complete re-sprays, worked on body kits and helped car owners create vehicular styling they could only dream of.

Commercial Services – To complement the services we provide for private car owners, we also undertake commercial contracts for business fleets, vans and trucks as well as plant and machinery operators. So whether you need crash damage repaired or a full re-spray – call the experts at Millfield Automotive.

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